I Write For Euphoria

Remember the joy of Christmas morning as a child?
I do.
But eventually, Christmas Day became another ordinary day,
And that special morning joy, stopped around the age of 12-13.
Which is why I write.
It is the euphoria of writing that makes me come
back time and time again to a blank page, and attempt to
fill that page with magic.
When I write, it feels like joy on a Christmas
morning again. I write because it makes me happy,
And because it is a yearning, a need, something I must do.
Aside from euphoric emotions, it is writing
that can turn even tragedy, misfortune, and heartache,
into something beautiful. And in a world populated by
troubles, happiness is like a rare gem to find.
Do what makes you happy.
What do you love about writing? 
Let me know! 

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