25 Unusual Words From A Logophile


Next to a trusty pen, a quality notebook, And a cup of coffee.
Words are a Writers best friend.
If you’re a Writer, their is a 99% chance you are a Logophile.
A lover of words.
I am a Logophile.
And people may find this damn boring, or completely ridiculous,
but I love studying the dictionary.
I love exploring books and reading various materials to find out new,  interesting,
And unusual words.
If you’re a Writer, their is a 99% chance that you do the same damn thing (And love it.)
Because we find words we never knew existed.
Because we find meanings we never knew had a word.
Because we find words that express whole emotions in one word.
And because we’re certain, that if their is anything at all in the world,
their is bound to be a word which perfectly sums it up.
From my supply of written notes and exploration of the dictionary, books, and other reliable sources, I have compiled together 25 unusual words you may not know exist. 
1. Agronaut.
A person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding; adventurer.
2. Heliolatry.
Worship of the sun.
3. Lachrymose.
Give in to shedding tears readily; Tearful.
4. Psephology.
The study of elections.
5. Quintessence.
Most perfect representation of a quality.
6. Acquiesce.
Accept something reluctantly, without protest.
7. Agathist.
A person who believes all things tend to good in the end.
8. Pluviofile.
A person who loves the rain, who finds peace and joy in rainy days.
9. Chiliad.
A group of 1000.
10. Raconteur.
Skilled storyteller.
11. Agowilt.
Unneccessary fear.
12. Clinomania.
Excessive desire to stay in bed.
13. Oneirataxia.
The inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
14. Petrichor.
The scent of rain on dry earth.
15. Inconnu.
A person who is unknown; stranger.
16. Myopia.
A quality of being short-sighted.
17. Psithurism.
The sound of wind through trees.
18. Selenophile.
A person who loves the moon.
19. Atelophobia.
The fear of not being good enough.
20. Kalopsia.
The delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are.
21. Ambisinister.
Clumsy or unskullful with both hands.
22. Eccedentesiast.
A person who fakes a smile.
23. Eleutheromania
An intense and irresistible desire for freedom.
24. Nefarious.
25. Emollient.
Recently discovered a word?
Or maybe you have a personal favorite? 
Let me know in the comments! 

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