Acknowledging A Crappy Year



I wasn’t planning on acknowledging 2016 with a traditional goodbye post. 2016 has been a crap year all over, And I know it has been a terrible year for many. I simply cannot wait to see the tail-end of 2016, And welcome 2017 with open arms.

I wasn’t planning on acknowledging the bleak 2016, but I will, because I try to see the positive even in the darkness. It’s the only way to move forward sometimes, And I only wish to thank 2016 for reminding me of strength. Not only in myself, but of those dearest to me.

I saw strength in the people around me blossom, as they conquered through tough battles and landed safely on the ground. I lost myself while trying to fight hard to win my own battles, And crawled my way through darkness, I know now that I have more fight inside than I realized. I watched the person closest to me fall and break countless times, with no way to help them, but they are alive and well and happier.

I want to thank 2016 for reminding me of the importance of strength, And that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how long that tunnel may be.

In retrospect, 2016 also provided me with some excellent reading material, books which I have enjoyed, And wonderful characters to remember. I challenged myself to go for runs in the morning (screw anxiety!), And have seen a positive change in energy levels, happiness, and even writing outcomes.  I have discovered an overall desire to live more, meet new people, and get more from life (Again, screw anxiety!).  I found a new passion for photography, And developed the confidence to start writing this blog.

2016 has been a crap year indeed, but I acknowledge it for testing the rough waters, And I acknowledge it for bringing out a much better me.

So long 2016, bring on 2017.


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