Music Resources for Writers



Music has played a major role throughout my life. I listen to music so much, that headphones may as well be an extra body part. Music is brilliant for the ears, but it is also brilliant for developing creative juices.

Throughout my writing journey, I have discovered some valuable music resources which have come in handy, and have been put to good use.

Below are a few of those music resources I have discovered;

Spotify: The range of music playlists on Spotify varies from easy listening to focus playlists. Great for getting the creative juices flowing!

8tracks: I found this website about a year ago and discovered many valuable tunes for writing. 8tracks has more than 1000 music playlists just for Writers/Writing.

Pandora Internet Radio: Great for personalizing your own playlists and you can find some pretty unique tunes too. You can mix your own ambient sounds and atmospheres using Ambient-mixer. I love using this website to create haunting audio, specifically for writing horror or thriller stories.

Moodil: Moodil allows you to listen to beautiful nature sounds. I find it particularly useful when writing night scenes or raining scenes. The sounds are also very relaxing to listen to.

Post-rock: This is a form of experimental rock which mainly focuses on rhythm and instruments, very good for helping with atmosphere and setting. Some post-rock bands include; Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and Hammock.

Ambient music: Music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over rhythm or normal musical structure. Also good for atmosphere and for creating a visual like quality. Some ambient artists include; Aphex Twin, Solar Fields, and Brian Eno.

That’s all for now but if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.




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