Warning: Passionate babble below.

Writing is my number one passion. If I could, I would spend my time in a quiet cabin somewhere, And I would write to my hearts content all day (Not even joking)

Writing is a form of personal therapy. It is the best way to connect with thoughts and feelings, emotions and desires, even pain and personal demons, where some of the most beautiful and powerful writing comes from.

For three years and ongoing, I have been invested in writing, editing, and proof-reading my own novel. I have also written short stories, And the majority of my time is spent on either improving my writing or seeking out new ways and resources to help improve writing, which I want to pass on and share here with other people and writers alike.

If you’re a Writer, you know that writing can be highly frustrating at times (especially when your characters don’t cooperate) If you’re new to writing and just getting into it, Welcome to the ride!

Though my main focus for this blog is to offer tips and resources on writing, I will share a range of other content too, And anyone is welcome here at Lyddie’s Writing Space.

Below is a list of ten quick tips on writing:

  1. Always have a second pen handy.
  2. Keep a small notepad with you at all times, And keep this near your bed at night.
  3. Study the dictionary more.
  4. Observe people and details around you.
  5. Observe the way people talk and interact with you. (pick up key words, tone, and body language)
  6. Set a writing schedule to stick to.
  7. It is perfectly normal to have conversations with your characters. Dig deep, but be patient with them.
  8. Keep a list of your favorite words nearby during a writing session.
  9. Read, even if it’s just two short stories a day.
  10. Keep a list of names you like. (Additionally, if you’d like name inspiration for a villain/enemy, think of names of people you don’t like, or who you don’t get along well with)

That’s all for now, but if you have any responses, questions, or need advice, I welcome them.

Thanks for stopping by at Lyddie’s Writing Space!

Take care.



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